SMAK Chicago: The Bedford


The-Bedford-Main-Room-600 Dine-in-a-Bank-Vault-at-The-Bedford_3-l1612 West Division Street Chicago, IL

My friend from work had been talking about this restaurant for quite some time. "You've never been to The Bedford? It's amazing - they turned an old bank into a restaurant and you get to have drinks in the vault. We have to go!"

Clearly it took a lot of convincing because within 30 minutes of the conversation, we have reservations for dinner.

Slowly but surely I have begun going out for dinner, trying new cuisine and experiencing all that the Chicago food scene has to offer. Both the atmosphere and the food far exceeded my expectations and I would say that The Bedford is a must go in Wicker Park.

OystersOysters Wolf Beach, Hurricane Harbor, Day's Selection

A great, light start to a wonderful meal.

Beef TartareBeef Tartare sriracha aioli, charred scallion, caper berry, sherry laced bread crumbs

I had only ever had tuna tartare prior to eating at The Bedford. The combination of a sriracha aioli, the beef tartare and the egg yolk atop the lightly toasted bread was a spectacular burst of flavor and texture.

Grilled AsparagusGrilled Asparagus soft poached egg, parmesan polenta, ramp hot sauce, crispy chicken skin

Pair a few of my favorite things together - asparagus, parmesan cheese, polenta and eggs? You've already won me over.

ScallopsScallops sweet corn, eggplant, sunflower shoots

The clear standout of the night were the scallops, perfectly prepared. A crisp outside with a tender, medium rare interior. The scallops melted in your mouth. I typically don't order this when going out to restaurants, but after this dish, I may have to find a way to eat scallops more frequently.

I can honestly say that I did not have one single complaint coming away from The Bedford. A big congratulations is deserved for the establishment. It is a restaurant worth checking out.