smoked sausage and peppers

it's that time of the is officially within reach! my mom has started making her famous toffee (the recipe is top-secret, otherwise i'd totally share it with you!), i am actually listening to christmas music, the tree, lights and decorations are hung with cheer, and i am enjoying an iced cold glass of FISTMAS!

merry fistmas

it's kind of strange how quickly this year has flown by! it feels like just yesterday i was getting a phone call from grainger asking me for an interview! and now here i am, approaching my 1-year anniversary. as corny as it is, i love looking back at the past year and thinking of all that has happened. thanksgiving has come and gone, but i truly am thankful for so many things! one big one is this SMAK - there may be lulls here and there, but i always know that i can come back to it and enjoy what i love doing - cooking, eating, writing and photography!

this recipe is more of a guideline for you to make of it what you will. i've included the ingredients that i like to throw in with no quantities or measurements. make it your own. it's quick and easy and a great recipe for a week night meal after a long day or work!

smoked sausage and peppers

i am going to say it up front, the next few weeks are going to be insane, as are all weeks leading up to christmas. but i will try to hardest to get a few more recipes up beforehand! perhaps even a few things to share at your holiday gatherings!

until next time...happy eating!

smoked sausage and peppers

ingredients: wide egg noodles smoked beef sausage red and green bell peppers (any bell pepper is great) onion cherry tomatoes


  1. slice smoked sausages on an angle. chopped bell peppers and onion.
  2. brown sausage and then add vegetables and sauté.
  3. turn off heat, throw in cherry tomatoes, stir and cover for an addition 3 minutes.
  4. serve over egg noodles.