So I Like to Eat in Bed...


bed + food = heaven.





For as long as I can remember, at least during my adult years, I have had an affinity for eating while in bed. Cereal for breakfast. Eaten in bed. Pasta for lunch. Eaten in bed. Pizza for dinner. Eaten in bed. Late night drunken McDonald's. You guessed it, eaten in bed. In fact, since I moved into my studio apartment, this little habit of mine has only gotten worse. Despite to smart thinking of my mother who insisted that I have a bistro table set to eat meals at, most of my meals are in fact eaten under my covers. It's just more comfortable. Turn on a little Netflix (currently binge watching Fuller House and have plans to try watching House of Cards again), pull the covers up over my lap and enjoy some food? I mean come on, what could possible beat that combination?!

At times it is evident that this habit of mine is only further a sometimes existing anti-social tendency of mine. Most people will in fact say that I am an extroverted person. And perhaps I am. Although I look at certain friends around me and feel like I am the shyest person on the face of the planet. That being said, a little time by myself, whether it be reading or eating and watching Netflix in bed, is exactly what the doctor orders from time to time. I like having a few moments alone to be by myself. Really, I think that is just my excuse for not publicly announcing my disgusting eating habits, although I am fairly certain that is exactly what I am doing now by posting this online for the world to read. Eh, such is life. Welcome to Tommy - I'm a fat kid at heart.

At the tail-end of my most recent trip to New York City, I was feeling a little burned out - I had already been there for a week and had undergone an intense few days of work. When Friday night rolled around, I did not really feel like getting dressed up and hitting the town. Did I want to drink and talk to people? Well, I did want to do half of that. A quick run to the liquor store and Shake Shack and my plans for the night were solidified. HGTV + ShackBurger + Fries + Ice Cream + In Bed = Holy Moly Sweet Mary and Joseph! Don't worry though, I'm always sure to wash the sheets! ;)