Sockerbit | New York, NY.

89 Christopher St.
New York, NY 10014

Here are three very important facts about Tommy Engstrom:

  1. I am incredibly Swedish.
  2. I am irrevocably in love with New York City.
  3. I cannot get enough of all things Swedish - IKEA, Swedish Fish, lingonberries, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

Put all of those things together and what do you get? 


This boutique storefront is nestled in Manhattan's West Village on Christopher Street. Simplistic when it comes to aesthetics, Sockerbit doesn't go overboard, staying true to Swedish design. With "smågodis," or small candies, at the core of the store's offering, individuals can find an array of other Swedish items - cloudberry & lingonberry preserves, Dala horses, pickled herring, and creamed salmon. 

Growing up in a home that was deeply proud of its Swedish heritage, all of these items were commonplace in our pantry. Yes, we actually had pickled herring in our refrigerator. Yes, we had smågodis and cloudberry preserves in our pantry. Coming into my childhood kitchen, you would have thought that my parents were the ones that immigrated from Sweden. Nope - we have my great-grandparents to thank for that!

I really have to thank one of Smak's readers for telling me about this store. It had to have been about two years ago that the recommendation was made and I was lucky enough to make it out to New York City this past spring and pay a visit to Sockerbit. So from a year, to Smak, to you - if you ever find yourself in New York's West Village, go to The Elk for a cup of coffee and then make your way over to Sockerbit for your daily dose of Sweden!