St. Germain Champagne

Christmas come and Christmas gone.

Sometimes I have to chuckle to myself thinking back on how my parents tried to convince me to enjoy my youth while I was still young because time would only move quicker. I never believed them. Until now. Here I am writing this blog and it is only days away from moving into the new year. Into 2015. Typically in the past I have stayed fairly low-key when it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations. While friends are out at clubs and bars in the city, I have more often than not spent the night at home with friends. We make incredible food. Make drinks. Laugh and enjoy one another's company.


Here's a little advice from yours truly: if you are going to stay at home for a night of good food, drinks and friends, make it a memorable one. Don't just order pizza and drink beer. Have everyone get dressed up. Just because you are in the comfort of your own apartment doesn't mean you shouldn't look good. Ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer or drink.

When I think about cocktails that are made for New Year's Eve, I immediately think of champagne. There is nothing more iconic that a little bit of bubbly to bring in the new year.


Champagne, plain and simple, is never the wrong way to go. Throw in a few more ingredients and you can offer your guests any cocktail to suit their tastes.


I first came across St~Germain while living in New York City. I was doing competitive research for a brand that we were working on a new business pitch for and this liqueur was one of the competitors. Clearly, I took it upon myself to try such competitors so I could give a more knowledgable insight into what the market looked like.

It should go without saying that I fell in love with St~Germain - the branding, the packaging, the product. One of my favorite uses for this liqueur is to put it with champagne to bring the cocktail to that next level.

Don't forget, we have two more champagne cocktails coming at you before Wednesday night, so be sure to come back to check them out.

St. Germain Champagne 


1 tablespoon St. Germain liqueur champagne


  1. Add St. Germain to champagne flute.
  2. Top with champagne and enjoy!