Kopi Luwak - The World's Most Expensive Cup of Coffee

I finally did it, I broke into my limited supply of Kopi Luwak...

Kopi Luwak

Commonly known as Civet Coffee, the cat-like creature eats only the ripest coffee berries. Unable to digest the beans, they are excreted and then collected to clean, process, and roast to what will become the rarest coffee in the world.

Here is a quick video that takes a look at the search for these sacred scat:

[vimeo 14913066 w=500 h=281]


Trust me, once you really begin thinking about the process that these beans go through, it's hard to imagine that it has created something worth ingesting. I completely understand and agree with you. Especially after watching the video above, why would anyone want to drink this? My main reasoning was to say that I had tried it, to check it off my bucket list.

French Press

This specific tin I purchased online from Dean & DeLuca for the very cheap price of $70 + tax and shipping. Overall, I spent about $85 for 4 cups of coffee. Dean & DeLuca provide a lovely description of this coffee, making it sounds as though it were made out of pure gold: "Kopi Luwak, or Wild Thai Civet Coffee, is the rarest, most unique and highly coveted coffee in the world. The sweet, ripe 100% Arabica coffee cherries are digested and fermented by wild civets, before being collected by the Akha-hillside tribe of Doi Chaang Village in Northern Thailand and roasted to perfection in Vancouver, British Columbia."

Kopi Luwak

Here's the million dollar question: Is it worth the cost?

I would say yes. Not because it is the best cup of coffee I have ever had, but for the experience itself. Don't get me wrong, the coffee was strangely delicious and incredibly smooth, without any bitter taste. But at the end of the day, was it better than any cup I could have gotten at Intelligentsia? Or Stumptown? I am not sure. My first inclination would be to say no. I truly believe that the price reflects the exotic process through which these beans go.

Would I buy another four cups of Kopi Luwak? Only for a very special occasion.