Studio Living.

In a few short weeks (13 days to be exact), I will be moving out of my 2-bedroom apartment and will be venturing into the life of single living. Not just any single living though, studio living. I am a little nervous as the square footage is drastically decreasing, but I am excited for a new challenge and to have a space that I can call my own. One that I can design how I want. Clean how I want. And enjoy how I want.

As the moving date quickly approaches I have been trying to do research on tips and advice on hot to best utilize the space available and live within a smaller space. As always, Apartment Therapy has been my go-to. Whether I am admiring other people's apartments or reading up on their advice for small kitchens (I will need to listen closely to this, my new kitchen is minuscule!), it is so much fun to see what others do. With that said, here are some of the best pieces of advice that I've stumble upon:

The 10 Commandments of Small Space Living

  1. Thou shalt declutter your domicile.
  2. Thou shalt get a system to stay organized.
  3. Thou shalt make your furniture do double duty.
  4. Thou shalt be careful with color.
  5. Thou shalt utilize your wall space.
  6. Thou shalt scrutinize scale.
  7. Thou shalt embrace visually light furniture.
  8. Thou shalt spend time outside your home.
  9. Thou shalt keep it clean.
  10. Thou shalt keep your sense of humor.

5 Essential Rules for Surviving in a Small Kitchen

  1. Hang everything.
  2. Use the oven as storage.
  3. Burner covers are your friends.
  4. Cabinet shelves, cabinet shelves, cabinet shelves!
  5. Ditch your single-use appliances.

How to Cut Dragon Fruit

sunday cruise So today I had originally planned to talk about a certain vanilla chia seed pudding that I had made. While the post is still coming, it is just being pushed back slightly. This weekend Tommy decided to crawl out of his apartment and be social! I have to say, it was amazing to spend time with friends, sit in a coffee shop, ride bikes for 20 miles along Lake Michigan. With that said, my entire Sunday was consumed with church, lunch with friends, riding bikes, which included a small bar crawl as we made our way to dinner at Barn & Company in Lincoln Park. Needless to say, I didn't have much time to finish photographing the chia seed pudding.

dragonfruit cross section

Instead, I decided to share with you my experience I recently had with dragon fruit. I have seen this fruit countless times at the grocery stores but have never bitten the bullet to spend the money. (It is about $6.00 for one fruit....). I was excited to try something new. Today's post is mainly just sharing the fruit with you and how to cut it. There will be a post next week where I used this fruit in a recipe, so keep an eye out for that.


How to cut a dragon fruit:

  1. Placing the fruit on a cutting board, cut the fruit straight down the middle with a sharp knife.
  2. Cut through to the other side, so that you can separate the fruit into 2 sections. Inside the flesh may be white or red - both will have tiny black edible seeds, just like kiwi fruit.
  3. Run a tablespoon around the circumference of the first section to separate the flesh from the skin.
  4. Lift the flesh out of the skin and place it on the cutting board. Reserve the skin for serving (as in step 7), if desired. Note that the skin is not edible. Do the same for the other half.
  5. Turn the mound of flesh over, checking for any residual pink skin. Slice this off, as the skin isn't healthy to eat.
  6. Now you can slice up the flesh. Cubes work well for eating the fruit fresh.
  7. If desired, return the cubes of fruit to the skin to serve, or transfer to a serving dish and enjoy! Leftovers can be refrigerated, like any other fruit, in a covered container.

sliced dragonfruit