Russell House Tavern.

And my two week sabbatical is over...


I thought this was going to happen. It has been almost three weeks since my last post. While I would have loved to be providing you all with more content, the last few weeks have been crazy hectic.

  1. I went to Door County, WI for the annual Beer Festival (post coming soon).
  2. I went to Boston, MA for friends' wedding and traveled the East Coast with my mom.
  3. I moved into a new apartment.

Excuses? Perhaps, but the plus to it all is that I have been able to gather tons of content for you all! Food, travel, dining, we've got it all coming up on Smak! And I couldn't be more excited to share it all with you. No really, I am sitting on the edge of my seat writing this post. I am that excited! I may also have to use the restroom and am severely annoyed that this Starbucks doesn't have a bathroom (the perks of not having internet set up in the new shop sessions!).

The Sunday after the wedding my mom and I took the T to Harvard to walk around the campus. I had been once before while visiting a friend in Boston, but my mom wanted nothing more than to get the chance to see the iconic university. It sounds silly, but I really felt smarter just being there (placebo effect, clearly). The architecture, the people, the atmosphere. It is 100% East Coast and 110% Ivy League. I love it. I could go to Cambridge everyday and sit in a coffee shop reading, writing and people watching. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

After a few hours of touring the campus (man do I wish I was 18 and looking to attend Harvard!), we were tired, hot, and ready for a bit of food. Having no idea where to eat, I utilized my keen Googling skills and stumbled upon the Russell House Tavern just south of Harvard Square.

Executive Chef Thomas Borgia delivers an incredible menu filled with his take on seasonally-inspired American cuisine. The shining star amidst a perfectly balanced menu is the Harvard Beet Salad. A beautiful combination of beet, Vermont chevre, candied pistachios and dried cherries. Let's start with presentation. The plating is top notch - a mixture of color, texture and structure that make the dish almost too beautiful to eat. Until you take your first bite. Your taste buds are met with the richly delicate flavors of chevre and beet. The French baguette and candied pistachios add the perfect amount of crunch. Paired with a crisp sauvignon blanc, this salad is the ideal dish for a hot afternoon in July.

My only complaint is that I live in Chicago and will be unable to enjoy it again until I visit Boston again.