A Few of My Favorites - 07.11.14

Today's blog post is coming to you from Door County, Wisconsin. Vacation has officially begun!I've decided to share a few of my must-haves for a day on the water...


1. Ray Ban Aviators: I have had these sunglasses since college and I use them just as much as I did the first day I got them. My only prerequisite for sunglasses? Make sure they are polarized! They will help keep that nasty summer sun glare out of your eyes.

2. Hawaiian Tropic: Let me tell you something about myself. I am Swedish, very Swedish. Which means that I have incredibly fair skin. If I go out in the sun without sunscreen on my skin will turn into a bright red crisp. I have to be sure to use sunscreen regularly otherwise I'd immediately turn into a lobster. Every time I smell this sunscreen I automatically think of summer.

3. Men's Health: If I'm not sleeping in the sun then you better believe I have something to read - a book or a magazine - anything to keep my attention will do. I love reading Men's Health. They have a good balance of workout tips, food suggestions, and even a few style tips here and there.

4. Bud Light Lime: I know, this is cheap beer. Usually I prefer a craft brew, but on a hot summer day there's nothing quite like an iced cold Bud Light Lime.

5. Eddie Bauer Outdoor Chair: I found this chair last summer and wouldn't want anything else when sitting in the sun. It's low to the ground and incredibly comfortable. The only downside? You can't lie on your stomach.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we will see you again Monday morning!



A Few of My Favorites...October 2013!

well, well, well...looks like tommy completely forgot about this little portion of SMAK! whoops.

October 2013

1. Nike Shield Flash Jacket i fell across this billion dollar jacket when i was at the expo for the chicago marathon. there i was, innocently looking for a marathon jacket when out of the corner of my eye, i saw a glimmer. i looked across the space and there it was. the most beautiful jacket that i had ever laid my eyes upon. silver. black. volt. the holy trinity of nike colors. the craziest thing about this jacket? it is the most reflective piece of clothing out on the market. take a look at what it looks let when direct light hits it...Nike Shield Flash Jacket

2. Lagunitas IPA i've not always been a beer fan. i used to hate it, to be quite honest. then again, that was when i went to the university of illinois and all we drank was keystone. i had every right to hate beer. as i got older, i started liking beer more and more. first was guinness, which i learned to love while living abroad. one of my favorite breweries right now is lagunitas based out of petaluma, ca - there ipa is ridiculous.

3. MBS MFG CO this is a line of hats made by one of my friends that i worked with while i lived in new york city. sean's work is awesome. go check out his work! and buy a hat or two while you're at it. his winter collection is coming out soon!

4. Black Bear my friend introduced me to singer/songwriter andrew belle a few years back and i've been hooked ever since. his music is unbelievable. his most recent album is perhaps his best - taking inspiration from m83, radiohead, washed out and beach house.

5. The Walking Dead how did i just discover this tv show? precursor: i despise anything and everything that deals with horror. i don't do them. no scary movies. no scary books. nothing. no thank you. i'll watch how i met your mother. enter walking dead. how can i love a television show about zombies this much? i literally sit in front of a television watching zombies bite into living humans, blood gushing everywhere. why? because it is flipping amazing! i caught up on all 3 seasons within 2 weeks.