Weekly Coffee Date.

Today I woke and decided to start a new series on Smak. I like coffee. I hope you like coffee. I am going through life. You are going through life. Why not have a weekly coffee date? Now, I would love to make this a regular thing, sharing a cup of coffee with you each week. This morning I am enjoying a trenta unsweetened iced coffee with two shots of espresso and light ice. Yea, I need it. The idea behind this is to just chat. About food. About life. About frustrations. Goals. Challenges. Anything and everything. 

I've noticed lately that I have been a little scatter-brained. I haven't been on top of things like I usually am. I have been having a difficult time holding myself accountable. My library of images and recipes to share with you all has quite honestly diminished completely. I wouldn't say it's because I am not motivated. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I feel so creatively inspired lately, however I've noticed that creativity seeping into other aspects of life. 

Things morning I wanted to wake up a little earlier than usual to enjoy a coffee and search the internet for some food inspiration. I wanted to get that tinge of excitement about being in the kitchen that I haven't really felt in a few weeks. Today being Friday, I have a few days ahead of me to whip something up for you. Happy Friday and have an incredible weekend!


Tater Tot Waffles - Turntable Kitchen

Mini Donuts - BrightBazaar