Chicago SMAK: Heritage General Store

Heritage General Store  

How is it that my brother doesn't even live in Chicago and he is offering up the best suggestions of places to check out? Touché Erik, touché!

Since moving to Chicago I have been able to resist the urge to purchase coffee at Starbucks or local coffee shops. Half because I have zero money to spend and half because I am up so early that I don't have time to go out of my way to get to an open store. I've gotten really good at setting my coffee maker to automatic brew and waking up of a fresh pot of coffee all ready. I have to admit, I don't miss coffee shops as much as I thought I would. Until I went to this place...

cold brew

Heritage General Store combines two worlds and lifestyles all in one location. Bicycles. Coffee. Check out this kick-ass video made by Philip Giancola, a writer/director in Chicago, that takes a deeper look at the local bike & coffee shop:

[vimeo 69361867 w=500 h=281]

Heritage brews Stumptown Coffee, a brand out of Portland, Oregon that I first fell in love with in NYC when I stumbled upon it at the Ace Hotel. There is so much depth and flavor to their coffees. I am thrilled to have found a store within walking distance of my apartment that sells Stumptown Coffee! The further away I get from my time at Starbucks, the more passionate I have become about supporting local coffee shops. I have found that the coffee is significantly better and I enjoy the experience that much more. When it comes to the money aspect of it all, I would much rather be giving that to local businesses to eat, breath and sleep their companies.


I am excited to have this coffee shop in my own backyard - I can definitely say that I will be going here often.