A Few of My Favorites - 08.15.14

081514 1. San Pellegrino: Water is boring and for some reason, I feel so much classier when I'm drinking some San Pellegrino. I can easily go through an entire bottle in one sitting.

2. Kings of Leon Sex on Fire: Take me back to summer 2008 and this song was everywhere. On the radio, on television, blasting through my headphones. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song. Flash forward to now and I think I've learned to enjoy it a little more. It's no longer over-played and I can actually take the time to enjoy the song itself, not the idea of a Hot 100 that everyone on planet earth is listening to.

3. Memory Foam Pillow: When I first purchased a memory form pillow I was skeptical. First off, any pillow that is $100 can't be worth the money. Or so I thought... Now here I am, a few years out after making the purchase, and I cannot fall asleep with any other pillow. Perhaps it is the familiarity and comfort, but I have truly been able to notice a difference - I no longer have neck or back pain like I used to.

4. Bottle Opener Ring: I've had this ring since college. Yes, it does kind of hurt your finger when opening a beer, but once you're a few in, that pain will go away. I've ended up using it simply as a ring and not necessarily a bottle opener. It's become more of a conversation piece when I wear it.

5. Buffalo Sauce: Out of all the condiments, this is my favorite. Buffalo chicken. Buffalo mac and cheese. Buffalo risotto (don't knock until you've tried). Buffalo on french fries. Heck, sometimes I just dip my finger in and enjoy!