The Truth About Whiskey Stones

Labor Day weekend has come and gone.

Looking back, it was an incredible weekend. Friday night I did nothing back sit in bed and watch Chicago Fire (ps. I just finished Season 2 yesterday...holy crap.) Saturday evening I had a wedding at the Floating World Gallery in Chicago's Lincoln Park. My previous landlords, Alex and Megan, allowed me to share their special day with them and it was incredible. Typically it takes a lot to get me out on the dance floor, whether it be peer or liquid encouragement. Yet once I heard Fancy by Iggy Azalea, I was out on that floor busting a move. I have to admit that I am impressed by my willingness to dance with people who I had never met before.


While I was living in Logan Square, Alex and I would often drink whiskey on the rocks while playing countless games of Settlers of Catan. Being a sucker for most trends (juicing, smoothies, Vitamixes...) I felt the incessant need to buy whiskey stones. They were the hot new thing in bar trends. All the cool people were doing it. Yet somehow I could not get myself to spend the $20 on 9 1/2-inch pieces of soapstone. However, on one shopping day to TJ Maxx I was standing at the checkout and noticed a dilapidated torn up box. There, sitting on the bottom shelf, was a pack of whiskey stones. For $6.00. Thank you bargain shopping!


After trying the whiskey stones on numerous occasions, I have unfortunately come to the decision that they are not a worthwhile trend. In fact, I use them from time to time, but more often than not they sit idle in my freezer. Here's my beef with whiskey stones:

  • In higher proof whiskeys, you may actually need a splash of water to help the flavors bloom and become more enhanced. At times, the burn of the alcohol in higher proof whiskey can over take the experience and take away from the flavors.
  • Whiskey stones do not stay cold as long as I'd like. Throw them in luke warm whiskey and within 5 minutes, the stones are warm as well.
  • Zero bartenders that I have been to offer whiskey stones as an option with their whiskey. These people do alcohol as a living. Perhaps we should take a cue from the professionals and drink whiskey neat or with a splash of water like more bartenders suggest.

What's your take on whiskey stones? Love them? Hate them? Are they a trend worth trying?