A Few of My Favorites - 08.15.14

081514 1. San Pellegrino: Water is boring and for some reason, I feel so much classier when I'm drinking some San Pellegrino. I can easily go through an entire bottle in one sitting.

2. Kings of Leon Sex on Fire: Take me back to summer 2008 and this song was everywhere. On the radio, on television, blasting through my headphones. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song. Flash forward to now and I think I've learned to enjoy it a little more. It's no longer over-played and I can actually take the time to enjoy the song itself, not the idea of a Hot 100 that everyone on planet earth is listening to.

3. Memory Foam Pillow: When I first purchased a memory form pillow I was skeptical. First off, any pillow that is $100 can't be worth the money. Or so I thought... Now here I am, a few years out after making the purchase, and I cannot fall asleep with any other pillow. Perhaps it is the familiarity and comfort, but I have truly been able to notice a difference - I no longer have neck or back pain like I used to.

4. Bottle Opener Ring: I've had this ring since college. Yes, it does kind of hurt your finger when opening a beer, but once you're a few in, that pain will go away. I've ended up using it simply as a ring and not necessarily a bottle opener. It's become more of a conversation piece when I wear it.

5. Buffalo Sauce: Out of all the condiments, this is my favorite. Buffalo chicken. Buffalo mac and cheese. Buffalo risotto (don't knock until you've tried). Buffalo on french fries. Heck, sometimes I just dip my finger in and enjoy!

A Few of My Favorites - 07.25.14

072514 1. Lululemon The Mat: After running, yoga is my favorite way to sweat. When I first started practicing though, I could not stand it. I thought it was boring. As I kept at it, I was able to gain an appreciation for it. The problem that I faced time after time was my mat. I purchased a generic brand from Target and it was thin and slippery. Downward dog would turn into flat-on-my-face dog. A few weeks ago I bucked up and bit the bullet. I spent the money on The Mat from Lululemon and I am convinced that it is going to save my yoga game.

2. Sakura Pigma Micron 05 Pen: Being a writer, I always carry a Moleskin notebook around with me. Whether I am jotting down ideas or notes for myself, it helps to keep everything in one place. One weird pet peeve of mine is Bic pens. I hate them. Why? I cannot answer that. No matter where I go I have to carry my Sakura Pigma Micron 05 pen with me - try it once and you'll never go back. They are amazing pens.

3. Epicurean Slate Cutting Board: Being a food blogger I must have good kitchen tools, a cutting board is perhaps one of the most vital of these. I tend to be pretty picky when it comes to the cutting board that I use day in and day out. I am not particularly fond of plastic cutting boards. My mother bought me one of these a few years ago for Christmas and it has been my go-to ever since.

4. Freshmints Tic Tacs: These are my drug. Just the other day I opened a new container in the morning. By 4:00pm, it was empty. I cannot resist the tic tac.

5. belVita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits: These breakfast biscuits are my favorite on the run breakfast, all though most mornings I need to eat at least two packs of them, plus a few other things, in order to be full. They come in a number of flavors, but the blueberry is by far the superior.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to come back next week for some great new posts!

A Few of My Favorites...Fall 2012

Well, this is embarrassing...

Looks like I have not been sharing a few of my favorites with you for quite some time! So, here are a few of my favorites from Fall 2012! Enjoy!

  1. New Girl: I fell in love with the TV show last year when it premiered its first season. This year is no different. I am in love with Zooey Deschanel and the characters. The writers are genius. Some of the lines that Schmidt says... "Damn it! I can't find my driving moccasins anywhere!" "Guess whose personalized condoms just arrived!" "Incidentally, I'm wearing my lap dance pants." I don't think I need to say anymore...
  2. Fingerless Gloves: Fall is officially upon us. The temperature is getting colder, but it's not quite winter cold. So as I walk out the door to run errands, I grab these guys to help keep to warm against the crisp fall winds.
  3. Gap denim-washed cargo pants (slim fit): I never thought I would say this again...but I am digging these cargo pants! I know, I know, cargo pants remind me of my middle school days, of the early 2000s. BUT - they are different. Those cargos were big and baggy, these are slim fitting. Just give them a try...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!
  4. Triumph Scrambler: I took a motorcycle class this past summer and was immediately hooked. I do not yet have my motorcycle license, but as soon as I do...I will be buying this guy!
  5. Running: This has quickly become my favorite way to sweat. I started running at the end of January and just finished my first marathon on September 23rd! I have been slacking slightly lately, but I am running the Chicago Urbanathlon this weekend with my brother, so I need to get my rear in gear!
  6. Matthew Mayfield: I first discovered this singer last year - I didn't instantly become obsessed. However, his most recent album came out this past May...I think I may be obsessed. My favorite track is I Don't Know You At All - check it out!
  7. Pitch Perfect: "I sometimes have the feeling I should do crystal meth, but then I think, hmmm... better not." Rebel Wilson - You. Are. Genius. I had a feeling that this movie would be good, but I have no idea HOW good. I am not sure how people have never heard of this movie...if this includes you - 1. YouTube the trailer. 2. GO TO THE NEAREST MOVIE THEATER AND WATCH IT!