Whole Food Favorites

This past Wednesday Whole Foods opened their newest store in Streeterville, Chicago. Being that it is only two blocks from my office, I have without a doubt already been to the store multiple times. Now if I only knew how to save money while shopping here... Here are a few of my Whole Foods Favorites:  

chicago food blogger whole foods favorites
chicago food blogger whole foods favorites

Salad Bar |Aside from being healthy, I love having complete control over what I put into my salads. Some days I want protein such as fish, other days strictly veggies will do.

Avalon Organics Peppermint Soap |When I worked at the advertising agency in New York City, this is the only soap that we used in our office. I've been hooked ever since.

Freshly Ground Nut Butters |I always find that almond butter is a hit or miss when it comes to the different brands that I have tried. However, every time that I have had the freshly ground nut butters from Whole Foods, I am a born-again believer.

Sparking Water |I've been making a conscious effort lately to cut back on the sugary drinks that I consume. While tap water is great, I really enjoying mixing things up with sparkling water.

Produce | Variety, variety and even more variety! Whole Foods is the one store that I can count on to have amazing produce year round. Whether you want 100% organic or standard run of the mill produce, Whole Foods is the perfect place to go.

A Few of My Favorites - 09.05.14

090514 1. Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt: I've been on a huge Mast Brothers kick lately. And it is definitely something that I need to curb! The cost of these chocolate bars aren't that of the dollar store, but they are a treat worth having from time to time. My favorite that I've had so far is their dark chocolate with sea salt. In fact, I'm eating a piece right now. Yum.

2. Orrefors Sadeh Child sculpture: I am extremely Swedish. And damn proud of it! My mom started buying my siblings and I Swedish crystal when we were young and I am so grateful to have a wonderful collection. From classic tea light holders, to contemporary sculptures, Orrefors has just about anything you could want.

3. Hardwood Lump Charcoal: This one goes back to the Caveman Porterhouse recipe. I've tried cooking other steaks (filets) with this method it is superb. I implore you, please try grilling directly on hardwood lump charcoal. The flavors are out of this world.

4. Marc Jacobs water bottle: I bought this water bottle when I lived in NYC for $10. I use it on a daily basis. Doing yoga. Watching TV. Writing for SMAK.

5. Method Green Tea + Aloe soap: Every time I go to Target I purposely walk by this soap. I don't buy it every time, but I want to. My favorite scent is green tea + aloe.

A Few of My Favorites - 08.29.14

082814 1. Troye Sivon's The Fault In Our Stars: I discovered this song on some random Spotify playlist a few weeks ago. It is about the book by John Green (haven't ready it, but I know what it's about). No matter what the inspiration was, this song is amazing and I probably play it 10 times a day. No shame.

2. Tyler Shields' The Dirty Side of Glamour: I've been following Tyler Shields' photography for a few years now. Precursor: his photography is not for everyone. It is raw, gritty and at times can be somewhat controversial. At the end of the day though, that is precisely what I love about art. It's not going to appeal to everyone's taste. You don't have to like it. In fact, you can hate it. But these photographs evoke some sort of reaction, which is the whole point of art.

3. Trader Joe's Organic Banana Chips: Okay, my cousin told me that these are not healthy this past week and I have been forcing myself to erase it from my memory. I have to buy 2-3 bags of these a week because they are the snack food that I keep at home and in my desk at work. The second I feel my stomach grumble I reach for these and chow down. If you haven't tried them yet, go to Trader Joe's. Right now. And do not waste your time on the non-organic banana chips. They are far inferior.

4. Arm and Hammer Advance White: I've been using this toothpaste for at least five years and I have a very difficult time using anything else. When I first started using Arm and Hammer, the experience was not pleasant. The taste isn't the best. But it is bar-none the best toothpaste in terms of cleaning your teeth, getting rid of bad breath, and leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean in the long run.

5. Patagonia Better Sweater Vest: I bought this vest at Ecology Sport in Door County this summer and am so excited for cooler weather to start wearing it regularly. The heathered grey will be perfect to pair with just about any outfit. Come at me fall!