A Few of My Favorites - 08.29.14

082814 1. Troye Sivon's The Fault In Our Stars: I discovered this song on some random Spotify playlist a few weeks ago. It is about the book by John Green (haven't ready it, but I know what it's about). No matter what the inspiration was, this song is amazing and I probably play it 10 times a day. No shame.

2. Tyler Shields' The Dirty Side of Glamour: I've been following Tyler Shields' photography for a few years now. Precursor: his photography is not for everyone. It is raw, gritty and at times can be somewhat controversial. At the end of the day though, that is precisely what I love about art. It's not going to appeal to everyone's taste. You don't have to like it. In fact, you can hate it. But these photographs evoke some sort of reaction, which is the whole point of art.

3. Trader Joe's Organic Banana Chips: Okay, my cousin told me that these are not healthy this past week and I have been forcing myself to erase it from my memory. I have to buy 2-3 bags of these a week because they are the snack food that I keep at home and in my desk at work. The second I feel my stomach grumble I reach for these and chow down. If you haven't tried them yet, go to Trader Joe's. Right now. And do not waste your time on the non-organic banana chips. They are far inferior.

4. Arm and Hammer Advance White: I've been using this toothpaste for at least five years and I have a very difficult time using anything else. When I first started using Arm and Hammer, the experience was not pleasant. The taste isn't the best. But it is bar-none the best toothpaste in terms of cleaning your teeth, getting rid of bad breath, and leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean in the long run.

5. Patagonia Better Sweater Vest: I bought this vest at Ecology Sport in Door County this summer and am so excited for cooler weather to start wearing it regularly. The heathered grey will be perfect to pair with just about any outfit. Come at me fall!


A Few of My Favorites - 08.15.14

081514 1. San Pellegrino: Water is boring and for some reason, I feel so much classier when I'm drinking some San Pellegrino. I can easily go through an entire bottle in one sitting.

2. Kings of Leon Sex on Fire: Take me back to summer 2008 and this song was everywhere. On the radio, on television, blasting through my headphones. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song. Flash forward to now and I think I've learned to enjoy it a little more. It's no longer over-played and I can actually take the time to enjoy the song itself, not the idea of a Hot 100 that everyone on planet earth is listening to.

3. Memory Foam Pillow: When I first purchased a memory form pillow I was skeptical. First off, any pillow that is $100 can't be worth the money. Or so I thought... Now here I am, a few years out after making the purchase, and I cannot fall asleep with any other pillow. Perhaps it is the familiarity and comfort, but I have truly been able to notice a difference - I no longer have neck or back pain like I used to.

4. Bottle Opener Ring: I've had this ring since college. Yes, it does kind of hurt your finger when opening a beer, but once you're a few in, that pain will go away. I've ended up using it simply as a ring and not necessarily a bottle opener. It's become more of a conversation piece when I wear it.

5. Buffalo Sauce: Out of all the condiments, this is my favorite. Buffalo chicken. Buffalo mac and cheese. Buffalo risotto (don't knock until you've tried). Buffalo on french fries. Heck, sometimes I just dip my finger in and enjoy!

A Few of My Favorites - 08.08.14

080814 1. Chuck Taylors: Every so often I find a pair of shoes that I live in. In high school they were Birkenstocks, in college they were a pair of grey and neon green Nike Shox and currently, I find myself wearing my pair of all black Chuck Taylors as often as possible. They are comfortable. They are slick. They are classic. And they go with just about everything.

2. Tinto de Verano: I was shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday and fell upon something that I had long been looking for since I left Spain six years ago - sparkling lemonade. Tinto de Verano is a drink made up of equal parts red wine and sparkling lemonade. I have tried everything else under the sun - Sprite, 7Up...but nothing was the same. Until now! Thank you Trader Joe's!

3. NutriBullet: I kind of feel like I am cheating on Vitamix with this one... But let's be honest with ourselves here, I am an incredibly broke 27-year old and I don't have the money to go out and buy a $700 blender. So for now I will go with the cheaper, and surprisingly amazing, lesser version. Best of all, I can blend my smoothie in the mug that I take on the go. Talk about convenience.

4. Trader Joe's: New York introduced me to Trader Joe's and I've been forever changed. No, you may not be able to get everything you need here, but you can get pretty close. Best of all, the prices are absolutely reasonable. TJ Favorites? Roasted Gorgonzola Flavored Oven Crisp Crackers, Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus, Cold Brew and the frozen mac & cheese. Last night's dinner? Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese with a few glasses of tinto de verano.

5. Andy Grammer Magazines or Novels: I've seen Andy Grammer in concert a number of times at Ravinia in Illinois and have always been a fan. His most recent album, Magazines or Novels, came out this past Tuesday and it has been on repeat ever since. Simply put, the album does not disappoint. Song after song I find myself blurting out nonsensical words as if I knew the lyrics (I will learn them eventually).

A Few of My Favorites - 08.01.14

080114 1. It Was Always You: I will admit upfront that no album will ever be able to top Songs About Jane, but I have been a consistent fan of Maroon 5 ever since. Their upcoming album, V, is being released on September 2. The newest single, It Was Always You, seems to be a slight departure from their normal sound but I am excited to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. This song has been on repeat in my car for the last week.

2. Mercer 5-Panel Cap: I own quite a few MBS caps, but this has been my go-to in recent weeks. The more and more I wear 5-panels, I have absolutely become a fan. If you don't own one, go over to Sean's website and order one, they're great!

3. Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon: When I first tasted this bourbon I could not stand it. It was way too harsh. However, a few days ago I tried it with ice cubes instead of whiskey stones and it completely changed the experience for me. The ice slightly watered down the bourbon and made it smooth and full of flavor. Definitely glad that I gave it a second chance.

4. Nutella Crepes: This weekend a few childhood friends and I are going to a crepe place in Evanston to catch up. It reminded me of the time I spent in Paris and the many Nutella crepes that I ate while walking the City of Lights. Can I go back?

5. Chicago Lakefront Trail: I am embarrassed to admit that this past week was the first time I ran outside since moving into Chicago. What happened? I used to run outside 6 days a week! Living in Lincoln Park, I am lucky enough to be close to the Chicago Lakefront Trail and enjoy amazing views while I get my workout in. If you are a runner and live in Chicago - I pray you take advantage of this amazing trail!

A Few of My Favorites - 07.11.14

Today's blog post is coming to you from Door County, Wisconsin. Vacation has officially begun!I've decided to share a few of my must-haves for a day on the water...


1. Ray Ban Aviators: I have had these sunglasses since college and I use them just as much as I did the first day I got them. My only prerequisite for sunglasses? Make sure they are polarized! They will help keep that nasty summer sun glare out of your eyes.

2. Hawaiian Tropic: Let me tell you something about myself. I am Swedish, very Swedish. Which means that I have incredibly fair skin. If I go out in the sun without sunscreen on my skin will turn into a bright red crisp. I have to be sure to use sunscreen regularly otherwise I'd immediately turn into a lobster. Every time I smell this sunscreen I automatically think of summer.

3. Men's Health: If I'm not sleeping in the sun then you better believe I have something to read - a book or a magazine - anything to keep my attention will do. I love reading Men's Health. They have a good balance of workout tips, food suggestions, and even a few style tips here and there.

4. Bud Light Lime: I know, this is cheap beer. Usually I prefer a craft brew, but on a hot summer day there's nothing quite like an iced cold Bud Light Lime.

5. Eddie Bauer Outdoor Chair: I found this chair last summer and wouldn't want anything else when sitting in the sun. It's low to the ground and incredibly comfortable. The only downside? You can't lie on your stomach.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we will see you again Monday morning!



A Few of My Favorites - 07.04.14

Today we're having A Few of My Favorites I Love America Edition!

What are the chances that the 4th of July falls on a FoMF Friday? I think this calls for a little something special...Happy Birthday America!


(click on the underlined items for link to corresponding websites)

1. Bonobos National Panthems: Let's be honest here, why wouldn't you have these suckers in your wardrobe arsenal? Be sure to grab a pair before your size sells out...rumor has it this is the last year they are being made!

2. Made in America - Kanye West & Jay-Z: Watch the Throne is perhaps one of my favorite albums of the past four years. Made in America makes the perfect addition to any 4th of July playlist.

3. John F. Kennedy: For as long as I can remember, JFK has been my favorite US president. Perhaps it is the idea of Camelot or that the Kennedy family is the closest we will ever have to American royalty.

4. Golden Retriever: What gets more American than a golden retriever puppy running around the backyard with an American flag bandana tied around its neck? No dogs for me right now, but perhaps sometime in the future...if I ever find myself responsible enough to care for one.

5. Lady Liberty: The Statue of Liberty is America. The idea of coming to a strange land to start a new life. This is by far one of the greatest symbols that we have for America. When I lived in NYC, I always loved going down to Battery Park and admiring the statue from a far.