In Search of Inspiration.

I have not written an inspiration article in quite some time. From music to interior design, from recipes to style, I am constantly on the lookout from things that inspire me to push myself that much further.

As we all know, I'm a lover of Instagram and a likely on the social media app much too often throughout the day. I am a true millennial in that I love a constant feed of stimuli coming my way. With my impending  30th birthday on the horizon, I find myself looking at interior design blogs and websites of some of my favorite stores (Crate & Barrel, CB2, West Elm, etc, etc, etc) looking for ideas for when I own my own apartment or condo. 

Below are just a few examples of the things that have been inspiring me lately.



Jams of the Month | Ed. 8

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Rest. As a 28-year old in Chicago, it doesn't really seem like that word exists in my vocabulary. 40+ hour work weeks. Drinks with friends. Dates. Writing two blogs. Attempting to get into the habit of working out. Other writing projects outside of the blogs. Networking. Searching for a new apartment. Reading literature other than blogs and cookbooks. Where in God's green earth am I supposed to fit in time to rest in that mess?

Here's the thing. Rest may look differently person to person. The gut reaction response is that rest means sleeping. Or not allowing yourself to be busy. Sure, that could be a form of rest. But what about that extreme extrovert who hates being alone? Couldn't his or her rest look like spending time with friends? Or the athlete training for a marathon. Is it acceptable to consider their runs alone a form of rest? To you or me that may sound horribly exhausting, but if they are able to find rest, mental or physical, in that activity there is not much to be said against it.

Me personally? I love spending time with people. As much as I doubt it at times, I am a very social person. But if you ask me where I find true rest, both mental and physical, it wouldn't be out at the bars. A quiet afternoon spent with a cup of coffee, a little bit of music, and a pen and paper is exactly what I need to recharge.


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