What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast

Whoever decided to do these photojournalistic collections on food from around the world is genius. A few months ago I featured an article on what the rest of the world eats. Today we take a look at What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast. My daily breakfast is typically rather simple: a few cups of coffee, a bowl of cereal, a few belVita breakfast biscuits, or simply a yogurt. I never really make the time to prepare a proper meal. I know that this is not the best practice, yet I continue to do so. What about children? In the United States, a bowl of cold cereal is commonplace. But in the rest of the world? Not so much. Below are a few children from varying countries and what they eat for breakfast. How does it differ for your or your children's eating habits?


Nathanaël Witschi Picard, 6 years old, Paris


a single kiwi; tartine, an open-faced baguette with butter and blackberry jam; cold cereal with milk; and freshly squeezed orange juice.


Koki Hayashi, 4 years old, Tokyo


green peppers stir-fried with tiny dried fish, soy sauce and sesame seeds; raw egg mixed with soy sauce and poured over hot rice; kinpira, a dish of lotus and burdock roots and carrots sautéed with sesame-seed oil, soy sauce and a sweet rice wine called mirin; miso soup; grapes; sliced Asian pear; and milk.


Emily Kathumba, 7 years old, Chitedze, Malawi


cornmeal porridge called phala with soy and groundnut flour; deep-fried fritters made of cornmeal, onions, garlic and chiles, along with boiled sweet potato and pumpkin; and a dark red juice made from dried hibiscus flowers and sugar