The CinEspresso Martini

Really? It's only Wednesday? Perhaps the 80+ degree weather in Chicago is making the days go slower. Or perhaps it is the fact that two out of the next three weekends I will be out of town on vacation. Yup, I think that is it. A week from Thursday I will be going up to Door County for the Door County Beer Festival. I covered the event last year on Smak and I am thrilled to be going back. The beer tastings are a definite plus, but Door County is one of my favorite places to visit, to get a chance to see a beautiful part of the country and to get a chance to spend time with loved ones. The following week, my mom and I are going to Boston for five days for friends' wedding. I have not been to Boston since I lived in NYC and I cannot wait to be back on the East Coast. But in the meantime, it's all about putting the peddle to the metal and getting work done in the meantime. Oh wait, did I mention that I am moving to a new apartment the day after I get home from Boston? It's going to be a busy few weeks.

Have I ever mentioned out I love coffee? Because I do. A lot. And the fact that I am slowly removing caffeine from my life makes me feel as though someone has stabbed my gut with a knife. I am trying to convince myself that decaf coffee and tea will be a good substituted, but I am skeptical. Another thing that I love is horchata. Every time I drink it I imagine myself sitting on Cap Cod listening to Vampire Weekend. Throw those two together and add a little alcohol and we've got ourselves one incredible martini.

2 parts espresso vodka. 1 part rumchata. shake. pour. enjoy!


 The CinEspresso Martini


2 parts espresso flavored vodka
1 part RumChata


  1. Add ingredients to cocktail shaker with ice. Shake.
  2. Strain and serve.