The Coffee Sweet Symphony

Were any of you up waiting for the 8:00 am post? I know I was...clearly my coffee hadn't set it yet!

Over the weekend I was doing a little web-browsing when I clearly should have been packing and cleaning my old apartment. No real surprise there. Blogs are the death of me - it's like an endless pit that you fall into and can't get out of. There are just too many good posts to read and pictures to view. But in this case, I found coffee videos! 

[vimeo 92043472 w=500 h=281]

Florian Döring is a German videographer that created his own spin on The Verve's 1997 song, Bitter Sweet Symphony. In the 3 minute video, Florian goes through the steps on how to make coffee via French Press. The below video is a piece called HOME by Florian Döring that I really enjoyed.

[vimeo 99069208 w=500 h=227]

This week may be coffee-heavy. Today's post, plus an espresso cocktail and closer look at a local coffee shop. My suggestion for you: grab your favorite cup of coffee, sit down at your computer and enjoy a little coffee SMAK!