Dream Office

This past weekend I went up to the suburbs to spend time with my family for Easter. The more time I spend living in Chicago, the more grateful I become for having family so close. I am not inhibited by plane ticket prices and TSA checkpoints when I want to spend some time with family. The simple luxury of being able to go home and have sushi and a martini for dinner with my parents on Friday night was the absolute perfect way to start off the weekend at home. I had helped open Shakou Sushi in Libertyville a little over two years ago but hadn't been back in over a year. It was amazing how quickly the nostalgia and deja vu started appearing. Working at Grainger from 8am-5pm and then driving straight to Shakou to work 6pm - 1am...those were the days. (slight exaggeration) But it was fun to see people I used to work with and enjoy some incredible food. One of my favorite parts of going home, weirdly enough, is looking through all of the catalogs that my mom has received in the mail. She keeps the mail in piles on the dining room table. I am not talking hoarder level here, she does throw junk mail. I know I can always count on there being a Restoration Hardware catalog sitting next to Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn catalogs. No, I cannot afford 90% of the items in these magazines, but that does not stop me from looking and dreaming.  dreamoffice1

This weekend, amidst Easter Egg Hunts with the nieces, dinner and The Newsroom viewing sessions with my parents, and Easter dinner with the extended family, I found myself dreaming up my perfect office. Let's face it, Tommy spends a lot of his time sitting at a desk with his eyes glued to a computer screen. Unfortunately it does take up a lot of my waking hours during the day - I go from sitting at my desk at work to sitting at my desk at home working on Smak and The American Swede. I've come to realize how important the space I work in is. If I am sitting at a messy uninspiring space, I have a hard time staying focused and getting the creative juices flowing.

So with a little help from a few of my favorite stores, I've designed (roughly) my dream office. I'd absolutely add a chalkboard wall behind the desk, some hardwood floors, and a rich oriental rug beneath my feet. See each individual piece below:


| APOLIS Arts District Market Bag |


| TRNK Workstead Industrial Wall Lamp|

whale tail object

| WEST ELM Whale Tail Object |


| CB2 Guapo Desk |


CB2 Mad Office Chair |

array bookcase

| CB2 Array Silver Bookcase |