What the Kombucha!?

kombucha I want to like kombucha so badly, I really do. But holy mother of pearl...it looks and tastes rather foul. I've tried drinking it on a number of occasions, even trying it at later times, in hopes that I will have some newfound love for this supposedly super beverage. But every time, I find myself feeling as though I am drinking old stale beer that has fermented and gone bad.

That is just my opinion though...

In defense of the other side, here are some of the health benefits that could make the torture worthwhile:

1. Detoxification: Kombucha has many enzymes and bacterial acids that your body produces naturally to use as a detoxifying agent. Going through detox helps promote a healthy liver and may also aid in the prevention of cancer.

2. Joint Care: The drink is a great source of glucosamines, which helps prevent and treat arthritis. These glucosamines increases the amount of synovial hyaluronic acids in your body which have been said to preserve cartilage and lessen arthritic pain.

3. Digestion: As kombucha is fermented, it hosts a plethora of living bacteria and yeast, making it a probiotic. It's been proven that in addition to improving digestion, probiotic beverages can help fight harmful yeast in the body and improve mental clarity and mood stability.

4. Immunity: Like pomegranate, berries, broccoli and garlic, kombucha is rich with antioxidants which are instrumental in boosting your immune system and energy levels.

What do you think? Have you bought into the kombucha trend? If so, have you seen a noticeable different in your health and the way you look and feel? Please let me know - I am interested to hear other people's experiences.