Whipped Lemon with Pepparkakor

I guess we might as well just stick with the Swedish theme for a moment... I find cooking and eating a lot more traditional Swedish food around the holidays. Growing up, still to this day, my family always cooks a smorgasbord of Swedish food for Christmas Eve - potato sausage, glögg, limpa bread. I am so grateful to have been raised in a family that is proud of our heritage and has made it such a huge part of who we are. lemon curdTodays recipe is a quick one. I think that that is exactly what we need sometimes during the holiday season. Let's face it - between Thanksgiving and New Years we have parties and events to go to - work parties, cookie exchanges, Christmas parties. As if the season wasn't already busy enough, now we have to find time to make something to bring with us. I personally have difficulty making time to go gift shopping before the middle of the month. How am I go to slave over a recipe in the kitchen?

There is zero slaving involved with this recipe. Three ingredients. One step. Serve. Done and done!


The rich creaminess of the cool whip paired with the brightness of the lemon curd and spiciness of the pepparkakor makes for the perfect holiday dessert. My dear friend, who is actually from Sweden, shared this recipe with me and makes it with homemade whipped cream. By all means go this route if you please. I've chosen to replace it with cool whip for the sake of convenience.

I leave you with all a little bit of homework: make this recipe before New Years. Remember, three ingredients, one step, serve. How much easier can it get?

Whipped Lemon with Pepparkakor


1/2 cup cool whip 1 tablespoon lemon curd pepparkakor (aka Anna's ginger thins)


  1. Mix cool with and lemon curd. Adjust proportion based on personal taste.
  2. Serve with pepparkakor.
  3. Enjoy!