Yellow Rain.

Rain. There is something about rain that I absolutely love. The sound of it hitting the roof and windowpanes and I sleep. The smell of the air. The cleansing nature of it. Or maybe it's simply that I love playing in it, acting like I am ten years old without a care in the world. 

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite things to do is to go on walks in the rain. I am not talking about torrential downpours, but a light mist or drizzle? That is perfect. Another fact would be the location - I don't have quite as much fun walking around in the rain downtown, but if I were out in nature? Yup, that's exactly what I like. It's almost the completely lack of manmade sounds. No traffic. No sirens. No constructions. Just nature. 

Living in the city, it's rare that I am able to truly get out into nature. There just isn't an abundance of forest preserves or hiking trails accessible from Michigan Avenue. My city option for rainy days is this - put on comfortable clothes, make a pot of coffee, and lounge around the apartment while listening to music.